About Vadnais Heights Family Dentistry in Vadnais Heights, MN

We are a family-owned dental office providing comprehensive dental services for the past 28 years to our patients in the Northern and Eastern metro areas of Minneapolis and St Paul. Drs. Eliason and Andrea met in dental school and opened their office shortly after graduation.

Dr. Eliason had worked as a dental hygienist in Blaine while in school, and Dr. Andrea worked for a home builder throughout the northern and northeastern suburbs. Together, they are raising four children. Dr. Determan joined the practice in 2015 upon graduation from the University of Minnesota. Most of the staff has been with them for at least five years and some as many as fifteen years. We all have enjoyed watching our patients grow from small children into adults with their own children. In some families, we have cared for five generations. We have also cared for families that have relocated to other countries yet continue to seek quality care in this country.
Girl Brushing Teeth - Dental Care in Vadnais Heights, MN